The Ravensong

from by Talsur



Am I sleep? Am I dead?
Suicide in my head.
Empty world full of doom.
Song is sung, but for whom?

Nocturnal tragedy, speechless grief.
That he could not believe.
A lonely moan from blackened soul.
The lifeless love of lonesome crow.

The river gives her cold embrace to Swan.
My fearful flight will never end.
Eternal grief reminds me of my suffer.
I can't believe my Swan is dead.

Ravensong to the Swan
She will not hear.
She's so far in the dark.
She is not here.

Not here. She's gone. Away. Now I'm alone.

The lonesome crow flies to the light,
Don't want believe this life.


from Slough of Despond, released January 13, 2017




Talsur Russia

Talsur - doom metal one-man band. Formed in october 2015. Lyrical themes - loneliness, despair, hopelessness. Each album is different from the previous one. The first two - atmospheric doom, the third - stoner doom, the fourth is funeral doom. And the fifth may be anything else, who knows. Talsur has no any videoclips or concerts. Just music, just doom. One man against the world. ... more

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