Slough of Despond

by Talsur

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In this all-consuming void begins to be born fog. Fog that hangs over the endless ocean by leaden oppression. Silence kills. Water does not move. Only a lone ship, dark and mysterious, silently follows a slow stream. And no matter where it floats. After all, there is no one. Absolute solitude. No one can hear the desperate cries for help. There is only you and your terrible thoughts and memories of the past. Maybe it's time to end it all? Indeed, in this slough of despond death has never been greater. And you can not do anything with it.

Music, lyrics, recording - Talsur.
Cover - Ivan Aivazovsky "Calm" in 1885.


released January 13, 2017




Talsur Russia

Talsur - doom metal one-man band. Formed in october 2015. Lyrical themes - loneliness, despair, hopelessness. Each album is different from the previous one. The first two - atmospheric doom, the third - stoner doom, the fourth is funeral doom. And the fifth may be anything else, who knows. Talsur has no any videoclips or concerts. Just music, just doom. One man against the world. ... more

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Track Name: Yearning Into the Nothingness
Track Name: The Ravensong
Am I sleep? Am I dead?
Suicide in my head.
Empty world full of doom.
Song is sung, but for whom?

Nocturnal tragedy, speechless grief.
That he could not believe.
A lonely moan from blackened soul.
The lifeless love of lonesome crow.

The river gives her cold embrace to Swan.
My fearful flight will never end.
Eternal grief reminds me of my suffer.
I can't believe my Swan is dead.

Ravensong to the Swan
She will not hear.
She's so far in the dark.
She is not here.

Not here. She's gone. Away. Now I'm alone.

The lonesome crow flies to the light,
Don't want believe this life.
Track Name: Seas of Doom
World - just water around. Can't see the ground.
Cold deceptive light. Nowhere to hide.
I have no more regrets. No any sense.
Death. Suicide is near. Nothing to fear.

Grave. Ocean is my grave. Funeral wave.
Sky is crying by the rain. Life was in vain.
Voices around are just whispers of Fate. Violent Fate.
Death. Save me, lovely death. Take my last breath.

Loneliness. One word that drives insane.
Bottomless ocean is full of pain.
Nothing left, even the light of moon.
It's too late, around me seas of doom.

Coffins with hopes and dreams
Are on the darkest ship.
It swims away through mist.
I tearful wish to weep.

Nobody hears, nobody cares.
Track Name: White Widow
Open your eyes, she stands in front of you
Staring at you with look of pain.
"Calm your breath", she said to you,
"Put it out of your veins"

When she smiled you screamed so loud,
Unexplainable fear you felt.
You are doomed - she'll not go out.
Your love turns into hell.

These lips that you kissed,
These hands that you held,
It's all deadly pale.
Illusion so frail.

Death is behind you.
Pray that she founds you
And takes you away
In lovely embraces of hope.
Dying hope.

Do you hear the call
Of your dying love?
In these shades of mist.
She will be exist.
Track Name: A Beauty of the Abyss
The darkness is here, the death is so near.
Eternal thy fear.
The moment of light has died in the night,
Lonely we cried.

Right in the eye of the dark
I'm looking without fear.
There is no hope in my heart.
My thoughts are so unclear.
I'm here because I'm alone,

Depressed reflections
Of time that lost.
Without rejections
I am the ghost.

Now I'm in cold embraces
Of the speechless abyss.
I've drown in slough of despond.

I sent my last farewell to cruel Fate.
I'm tired of fight for life. Now it's too late.
Track Name: Daylight Fades
Silent breath of hope
Silent dream of life fades
Light of lonely star

Shadow of the truth
Sweetness of the lie fades
Every sin of world fades

All "eternal" love
All our "endless" hate
Shining of the day fades

Daylight fades
Track Name: Funeral Waltz
Something crawls between the trees.
Shining shadow in the mist.
Not the light of deadwhite moon.
Creepy messenjer of doom.

Standing in the graveyard's void.
Stones in soil are half-destroyed.
On my shouldre feel her hand.
Time behind me - only sand.

I see beloved eyes
On deadly face of ghost.
I feel beloved lips.
In sorrow we've been lost.

Even the Death could not separate us.
She fell in my embrace.
And we drowned in dance.

Dance beside her grave.

Our tears of happiness
Were full of blood.
I prayed she took me with her
Away from world.
I did not know, that danced alone
Beside her grave.

I am alone, I am so far from home.
She is not here, but I'm stiil hear
Funeral waltz, funeral waltz.
I'm alone.