Wings of Azrael

by Talsur

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It's done.
The album is dedicated to forgiveness. Actually, supplication for forgiveness. Speechless Azrael, witness of the last breath, holding in his hand the scales, ominously reminding of justice. We are blind. Everything we do - or awful or senseless. And if all will be rewarded according to merit, then we are doomed.
If someone wants, may review the texts. There was an attempt to build a certain concept; happened or not, judge not me.
Anton Dudorov worked on the cover. Worked - this is not the right word, colossal work has been done.
I hope someone will enjoy it all. Stay Doom \m/


released March 26, 2016




Talsur Russia

Talsur - doom metal one-man band. Formed in october 2015. Lyrical themes - loneliness, despair, hopelessness. Each album is different from the previous one. The first two - atmospheric doom, the third - stoner doom, the fourth is funeral doom. And the fifth may be anything else, who knows. Talsur has no any videoclips or concerts. Just music, just doom. One man against the world. ... more

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Track Name: Idols
So here I am again - against the world.
My blood is boiling with rage, I can't it hold.
Life - still the same unfair scum.
I had decieved myself, what I have done?

I hate my life, I hate my soul,
I hate myself, I hate it all.
I feel my mind losing control,
Inside I watch my idols fall.

I was hoping too much, too much believed.
I raised up idols in hutch inside of me.
They terrify, but they are frail.
They built up by thoughts and fears and doomed to fail.

I was naive and paid for it by tears.
I was too close to truth that I found in my fears.
Track Name: Praying For Pain
Farewell - to your dreams
Crushing by your fears.
Hoping - you're alive.
Sensless is your strife.

The end is the one.
What have you become?
Looking at your life.
Prayers are so rife.

Praying... praying for pain.
Drowning... drowning in rain.
Praying... praying for pain.
Crying... crying in vain.

Will you forgive me for I loved you?
Won't you save me from myself?
Don't you leave me in this hell.
Track Name: Crimson Shadow
You watch as life passes before your eyes.
Fairy dream on your hands slowly dies.
You just cry about those who will not return.
All that remains to you - sadly yearn.

All forbidden will reminds us
All our secrets that behind us.
Under black wing softly hides us
Crimson shadow of our life.

Don't you regret of those who did not survive.
They simply were too weak for this strife.
But if we are still here - we're not ones of them.
Only our righteous grief can finish game.

Take my hand - it's one last time.
Don't regret - no need to cry.
We're so close - impending death.
Overdose - it takes your breath.
Track Name: In Tears We Drown
Pain grieves my rotting soul.
I wait for end of all.
Eternally disgust.
The Joy goes out too fast.
No one answers to my call, no one will take my soul.
There's only tears I've cried for world.

Down and down, in tears we drown.
Down and down, so deep.
Down and down, in tears we drown.
Nothing left to keep.

We all deserve this hell.
Life is a blackened spell.
Forget all that was told.
The End must save this world.
Who will follow if I call? Who'll break this darkest wall?
Who'll sear the tears we've cried for world?

Loneliness and sorrow, arrogance and hate,
Is it result of wars that we have made?
Track Name: Wings of Azrael
The witness of my last breath, I'm lonely as you are.
I bequeath to you myself, the end is not so far.
Have you hoped for something as I had hoped for love?
And you, and I have nothing but curses from above.

Sword of Truth in his hand.
Ruthless will be demand.
Close your eyes, freeze your tears.
Put them on Azrael's wings.

What's on the bowls of your scales? There's Justice and Disdain.
Fight between Good and Evil until the end of days.
You're crying with bloody tears because you know rresult.
But no one hears you weeping, the Chaos they exalt.

Long as the world will be on fire,
He will stand firm with silent smile.
His stare so cold, you can't respire.
For our mistakes we'll be exiled.
Track Name: Burning Fields of Truth
No more words about forgiveness.
No more tears because they have no any sense.
Leave behind all our nearness.
That was thing without which we could dispence.

Leave behind all our desires.
Our nights we reveled in each other's youth.
Leave behind all that inspires.
There is nothing more that really could us sooth.

Don't leave forgotten all we've been through
Reap the burning fields of truth.

Where is your love, where is your hate?
Where is the world that we create?
How could you lie me in my eyes?
You loved the one you should despice.
Track Name: Martyred Bride
You've grown cold while I hold your hand.
My name will always be on your pretty lips.
Frozen fear in your lifeless eyes.
On graceful milk-white dress - drops of bloody tears.

Should I kill me for forgiveness?
I blame myself though I do not know for what.
Never felt such desolation.
Who will answer me - do it or do not?

Now it's too late, I can't do anything.
This is the ode for my martyred bride.
I am absorbed by the depths of apathy.
This is the ode for my martyred bride.

I will follow if I call. Will you catch me if I fall?
Really want to be with you. Don't forget what we've been through.

The silent scream that I hope you will hear.
Loneliness and oblivion so near.
This winter air burns my memories and hopes.
Even the dead hears my awful desperate woes.

All we knew, all we had - it made us to confuse.
All we loved now are dead and there's nothing to lose.
Now I pray - take my hand 'cause there's nothing to fear.
I will hold you, darling. Stay with me.

Leave her to Heaven.

She'll never leave you in this cold world.
She'll help you clear the pain that you hold.
Don't you regret of all your past days.
No need a doubt. She will be always
With you. Forever.
Leave her to Heaven.

No more cries. Don't you cry.
She will catch you if you fall.
Leave her to Heaven.
Track Name: Greaving Angel