by Talsur

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So here's the first release.
Two months of violent torments, and the album is ready. I do not want to use a cliché phrases kinda "invested so much feelings," "evaluate in dignity". There is no need to assess - or you listen, or not. I can only say that this music would not have happened if I had not been so bad. Found a place where I can put all my pain, and that is comforting. Music - the best friend.
Many thanks to Julia Artamonova for artwork. Not hearing a single note from the album, she was exactly managed to convey its atmosphere.
Stay Doom \m/


released December 19, 2015




Talsur Russia

Talsur - doom metal one-man band. Formed in october 2015. Lyrical themes - loneliness, despair, hopelessness. Each album is different from the previous one. The first two - atmospheric doom, the third - stoner doom, the fourth is funeral doom. And the fifth may be anything else, who knows. Talsur has no any videoclips or concerts. Just music, just doom. One man against the world. ... more

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Track Name: Old Scars
Close my eyes, help forget all my life.
This is the end, I'm standing on the edge of knife.
I never thought that I would come to this.
I am no one is going to miss.

I cannot bring myself to accept.
I don't remember which way I stepped.
Causeless self-loathing would kill me.
Is there nothing can set me free?

Echoes of the past, that can't shout down.
Shards of mirror that have become my crown.
Traces of he claws, disfigured my true face.
Except for me there is no other place,
Old scars.

Who've I become and what I have?
Only by memories I tear myself.
Track Name: Blessing of Misery
Fears, pains, cries, despair -
Life is not a beauty fair.
Anger, hatred and disgust,
Rotting minds are full of lust.

Greedy, cruelty, violence.
Nightmare will never ends.
No tomorrow for our race,
There are come a deathly days.

We deserve this nightmare,
We blessed by misery.
We deserve this dismay,
We blessed by misery.

Liquid feeling of the fear,
Blessing of the misery.
Hail to endless sorrow seas,
Blessing of the misery.

Darkness filled decaying brain,
Every touch turns into pain.
No more smile, you’ll always grieve.
Blessing of the misery.
Track Name: The Hand of Dead
As ghost she walked through cold dark fog.
I felt her silent breath
Behind my back. It was so vague,
Like presense of the Death.

She whispered me that she is near,
And I could not believe.
Her quiet voice I could not hear,
It only made me grieve.

Then she said:

«Don’t be afraid, please take my hand,
And all you love soon will be dead.
We’ll be together until the end.
My days of yore now – just black sand».

Enable to see sadly truth, I fell in her embrace.
She kissed me deep in lifeless lips, and softly touched my face.

Then I said:

«I’m not afraid, I keep your hand,
And all I love already dead.
We’ll be together until the end.
My days of yore now – just black sand».
Track Name: Winter Mourning
Cold sky so dark. Solitude in air.
Never felt before so powerful despair.
Snow is falling down as angels from Eden,
Everything around is coming to an end.

No more hopes. Dying inside.
Fate is so cruel. Can't see the light.
I can't take it anymore.
Loneliness I can't ignore.

Winter mourning.
Winter mourning.

Darkness will rise
With sorrow and cries.

Where are you, all those I loved?
Won't you see me from above?
Why you left me here to grieve?
Am I cursed? Am I deceived?

I'm so alone.
So far from home.
Track Name: Tuonela
The endless dark river
Goes through misty fields.
The swans on the water,
'bout living they grieve.

The ancient sad demon
Regards to the souls.
The people that drown there,
They are lifeless dolls.

There is no sun, there is no any kind of light.
Martyred are pay for they sins 'till the end of time.
Never wake up, never see the smiles of those you loved.
By crimson rain crying clouds from above.

Tuonela, endless existence.
Track Name: Moans of Loner
Track Name: Lovergrave
My grief is getting higher, now I feel only rain.
My Bride is deep beneath me, my Lover rest in pain.
She stared to me through tears, she prayed don't leave her die.
I sweared that she will live, but we knew that I lied.
On muddy ground all flowers burned.
My hopes were violently scorned.

This creepy winter air burns me down.
I feel as everything turns around.
Who'll save me from this hell, who'll save my soul?
Her coffin lies so deep in darkest hole.

Now I have nothing to lose, I have no one to love.
And there is no something to calm me from above.
Her skin was cold as lips, her voice was weak and ill.
The silent agony rised up and she was killed.
I stand here under heavy sky.
And ebon clouds are sadly cry.

I never thought that I will stay beside her grave.
I never thought I'll break the oath - to be brave.
I loved her so, but fate was jealous of me.
Her tender crystal eyes I will not longer see.
Track Name: Never Leave a Madman
Why did I believe
Them, who hates me live?!
By what did I deserve the pain I felt?
Anger, hate and rage,
As the beasts in cage.
Rising inside me, like flames of hell.

Step to fallacy.
To be or not to be?
Soul is falling down with silent scream.
Grave that I have digged
So bottomless and deep.
Sent the last farewell to brightest dream.

Never leave a madman.