by Talsur

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The next chapter. Inanitas translated from Latin - the "emptiness". A vacuum - this is what comes after the righteous anger of Azrael and destruction of the world.
You open your eyes, before you emptiness.
You're stirring up arms and legs, trying to lean on something, but around - just emptiness.
You don't understand anything, in your head arise strange images. Very strange.
Ghoulish creatures either of boundless space, whether from a terrifying desert, are death for children of dead humanity drawing by acid fumes. In these terrible forms mixed countless troops of undead, and the endless waves of despair forming amorphous cemeteries full of victims of ultraviolence.
Psychedelic, mystery, hallucinogenic trip, the agony of mind: all of that you can see, but only within the framework of an all-consuming emptiness.


released June 29, 2016

Talsur - vocals, guitars, bass, drums programming

Recorded, mixed and produced by Talsur

All music, lyrics and arrangements by Talsur
Cover artwork by A. Dudorov




Talsur Russia

Talsur - doom metal one-man band. Formed in october 2015. Lyrical themes - loneliness, despair, hopelessness. Each album is different from the previous one. The first two - atmospheric doom, the third - stoner doom, the fourth is funeral doom. And the fifth may be anything else, who knows. Talsur has no any videoclips or concerts. Just music, just doom. One man against the world. ... more

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Track Name: From Beyond
Misery was all your life.
In your hand you kept the knife.
Found solution in illusion. It's too late, you are so high.
Yesterday you were so weak, and today you're lucky freak.
But tomorrow death and sorrow
Will become so goddamn near.

Creatures from the out of space
Come to kill the human race.
Show no mercy, it's our curses. You are first man they will kill.

From beyond from outer space
All of us they will erase.
Save yourself in fields of snow.
Reap it up and let you go.
Track Name: Waves of Despair
Close your eyes and trust your mind
There is so much you could find.
All behind, believe yourself.
No more fears, fill up your breath.
Embrace of transparent clouds disappear with any doubts.
Stoner god in silver steams watching you pray on your knees.
Were looking for a beauty fair.
You found nothing but the waves of despair.

Do you lying on the floor or in mighty hands of Thor?
Your reality is lost. Out of touch you're like a ghost.
Painted horses make last ride to acid children of mankind.
Life and Death so deep and low on the mountain of the snow.
You feel the suspence in the air.
Don't worry, my friend - it's the waves of despair.

Hungry snake that slowly dies in the cage that full of mice.
Nothing left but rotten shell. Life behind, believe.
You feel all grieve of human race. You're afraid but no one cares.
You want to scream but don't you dare. Enjoy forever by the waves of despair.
Track Name: Ultraviolence
Heartache! Headache! Victim of sequence!
Hey you! You have nothing to defence.
Drugs of violence in your glass of milk.
Drencrom, vellocet - what do you want to drink?

Go ahead! Kill'em! Don't you let'em live?
You are butcher, messenger of grief.
Screaming louder prayers in the sky.
No one hear them, no it's time to die!

Your mind is lost in strange solution, reality is just illusion.
Eternal woe turns into silence. You are a serve of ultraviolence.

They hate you for you can breath.
They curse you for you still live.
Take your gun, and don't forget
Glass of milk with taste of red.
Track Name: Demon's Smile
Black shape with eyes of smoke,
A melting silver hole.
The ghost of hearts you ever broke.
A string you had to pull.

Created by the air and crazy stoner mind,
It brings to you despair, no chances for mankind.

The shadow knows the secret,
It creeps upon the wall.
The shadow knows the secret,
Wide open smiling hole.
Track Name: Decadence
Look out - your world is on fire.
Beware of reckless desire.
Hold on, your life is so tiny
Ahead you see the sun shining.

You feel the brain's dissolution.
It's next step of evolution.
There is no reason to cry out.
You die - oh, I hope that you die now.
I hate - I hate you for breathing.
My rage it's resin that seething.
I wish you choke by your entrails.
Shut up your mouth and enjoy death.

Track Name: Letter
Dear father, I hate you. I wish you die from inside.
Remember you left me, from drunkeness eyes were so blind.
Oh father, how dare you? How dare you leave me alone?
You're doomed me to suffer, it turns your heart into stone.
I do not know what is my fault.
I hope someday you will get out of your dark holt.
Wanna see your eyes that I so despice.

On bottle's bottom is your soul - don't you forget?
You feel the pain that you deserve - don't you regret?
I hope you suffer, hope you cry - it's time to pay.
I need to know the reason why you went away.

Oh father, where are you? Now you have so much to think.
Will I hear your answer? I'm running out of my ink.
I hate myself for I should live. There is no love that I could give.
Just silence answers to my call.
Oh how I wish you slowly die in your dark holt.
Track Name: Liquid Grave
Sinister desert reflected in malachite eye.
Through the glowing air like toxic acid pours sky.
Captured by stoner snake that wrapped around your neck.
Every thought about your life is so vague.
Turned inside out and left lying on the sand.
Heart is still beating but life is coming to an end.
Feels like you drank own blood but still not enough.
You drown, you want to die, but no water around.
You drown and dying of thirst.

Sands under you begin to melt, feels like you're in invisible cell.
They are transformed in liquid grave, scary mirage of gothic cave.

The clock on cemetery chapel struck midnight.
Only the monolith of dark glass gives the light.
On bottom you feel like you drown in Bacchus's brew.
Lying in liquid grave that had been dug by you.
The march of ancient desert guardians terrifies.
They are all blind but thay can see new dead arrives.
Replenish their ranks and immortal you become.
Too late for screaming they devour you - you're numb.

Bones with smell of hops - all that is left of you.
Track Name: Tenebris Tempus