Angerdoom (EP)

by Talsur

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The sound became more anxious and heavy. Melancholy of second album went into mourning.


released May 4, 2016




Talsur Russia

Talsur - doom metal one-man band. Formed in october 2015. Lyrical themes - loneliness, despair, hopelessness. Each album is different from the previous one. The first two - atmospheric doom, the third - stoner doom, the fourth is funeral doom. And the fifth may be anything else, who knows. Talsur has no any videoclips or concerts. Just music, just doom. One man against the world. ... more

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Track Name: Maniacal Obsession
Night is his time. Eternal crime.
Regards to you. What will you do?

Pain in his soul will never calm.
Death is his name. No any shame.

Disrespect hurts him all life.
By your fault he took the knife.
Grins on faces of mankind.
Made him killer, made him blind.

When will be the end of his depression.
Pleas and moans, Maniacal Obsession.
Track Name: When Past Dies
Can you tell me what is wrong?
Did you expect it will so long?
Nobody help us, no one save.
We never knew for what we crave.
I'm so tired from this hell.
Life is just a miserable spell.

Happiness lost and smiles are dead.
Did you expect it will so bad?
Pain of this world hurts me from inside.
I cannot see a saviour light.
Agony of the past.
Grave of sun is so vast.

Close my eyes when past dies.
All we can is wait for end.

Meaningless light has disappeared slowly and quiet.
All of my feelings and darkest thoughts die in fight.
Every breath I take, every move I make equally painful to me.
Every time I woe, everywhere I go nobody wants me to see.

No need regret, no need tears for the past, all of that time was in vain.
I beg you leave me it's better for you. You should not feel my pain.
Won't you see my friend, this is my the end. Don't be afraid, don't you doubt.
When you'll set me free don't you cry for me. I don't deserve to be loved. No, no.
Track Name: Jack The Ripper
Nobody knows you, but everyone hate.
You could get revenge, but it's too late.
Whitecheppel maniac, crazy creature.
Deadly love for women - your feature.

Mentally ill freak - Jack The Ripper.
No any esteem - Jack The Ripper.
How many victims, Jack The Ripper?
No one of them screamed, Jack The Ripper.

The letter from Hell, written in blood.
Your name forever tainted in mud.
There is no any cure, for this shameful desease.
There is no any time when you pray on your knees.

You know your fault, you killed them all.
Track Name: Tuonela (piano)
- instrumental -